The Experience

What does it take to make your life work?  At LifeWorks we hope that you can find that class, those resources, or make those connections, that fuel your own wellbeing and provide you with practical solutions for real life.  Whether today you are looking to increase mobility, laugh and dance, find your breath, let something go or learn something new, our hope is that your experience at LifeWorks is one that affirms your unique needs and journey each day you arrive to the studio.   



The intention will always be for LifeWorks Studio to be safe zone and home studio for all. Whether you come for physical fitness and wellness resources, or for our opportunities to network and meet parents in the community. Please feel free to drop in and rest your feet from a downtown walk inside or under a shady tree out front. Families feel free to come, nurse, pump or feed as you need on our comfy yogibo's. LifeWorks is an open space for all! 

Your studio had been recommended to me many times, but over the past 1+ years I was going through cancer treatment and a double mastectomy and I wasn’t well enough to attend. At long last, I am in recovery and remission and have the strength to get back out there and take classes! On a whim last week, I signed up for Mikayla’s 50+ yoga class (although I’m not yet 50) and boy was I blown away. She is an amazing and supportive teacher. When I left the class, I had to have a good cry because I had been so afraid to come work out with my new, heavier (from hormone treatment), breastless body. Instead of feeling shame or discomfort, I felt held, nurtured and encouraged. I have now taken two more classes and loved them all. Long ago, I loved your Zumba classes at Berkshire Pulse and I can’t wait to be strong enough to take them again at Lifeworks. In the meantime, thank you to you and Mikayla for creating a positive, supportive environment in which we women can feel welcome and strong in our bodies and souls.
— With gratitude, Jolyn Unruh