Our mission to help fill the needs of the community is as strong as our passion to provide fitness and wellness opportunities. We hope to continue to evolve as a resource for the Berkshire community and beyond.

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Parent’s Group

Every Friday at noon, join parents and their children to talk about experiences, joys and troubles, and anything else on your mind!  Snacks are provided and anyone is welcome to bring food. This group is free and supported through donations.

*Every 2nd Friday of the month from 1-2PM, IBCLC- Lactation Consultant, Debbie Windover from Berkshire Nursing Families joins the group as a resource for any questions, concerns or inquiries. She offers consultations, mentoring and brings a scale for weight checks and to help you monitor a baby’s weight gain! This is ALL Free-Of-Charge!


The Berkshire Doula Collective (BDC) is comprised of stellar Northwest Corner professionals with a passion to ensure all mothers and growing families have the support they need regardless of their financial capabilities. If you are in search of doula for prenatal, perinatal, or post natal care connect with them today!

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Growing Families Day

An opportunity for pregnant and growing families to meet each other and to find local professionals who have tools to support them (Body workers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, and more...) Please join us if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or postpartum or if you work with perinatal women and growing families.  Scheduled Seasonally.

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Bereavement Support Group For Pregnancy & Early Infant Loss

Meets Every 3rd Wednesday Of The Month

A group open to anyone who has experienced loss recently or years ago: miscarriage, stillbirth, termination for medical reasons, early infant loss.

For Questions Email Elizabeth at
Call/Text Elizabeth: 413-717-7911



LifeWorks mama’s have joined forces and organized a virtual forum for all of our local mamas to connect, stay in touch, seek peer advice and tips, plan play dates and expand our community outside our walls. Through the SLACK APP that you can download on your phone and/or computer you can join topic threads such as ‘breastfeeding,’ ‘early education,’ ‘is-this-normal,’ ‘help,’ ‘activities,’ ‘clothes,’ ‘sleeping,’ ‘potty,’ ‘solids,’ ‘toys-and-games,’ and open parenting forums. All are welcome to join the conversation!

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Berkshire Baby Box

LifeWorks serves as not only a place of education and networking for growing families, we are also proudly a distribution center for Berkshire Baby Box. This box is free and for all new and expectant mothers in Berkshire County. There are no eligibility requirements for mothers but you must complete the online Baby Box University syllabus to receive your ‘completed’ code to submit for pick up. We ask as growing family educators that you take part in our Prenatal/Childbirth Yoga Classes and/or Childbirth Education series to pick up your box with us! If you have questions please inquire!

Parents Group - Every Friday 12pm!

Parents Group - Every Friday 12pm!