Drop In $20
10-Class Pass $160 (3 months)*
20-Class Pass $300 (6 months)*|

Commit To Fit 24"
Monthly Auto-Renew Option For Those Wanting Accountability!

10-Class Auto-Renew Contract $155
20- Class Auto-Renew Contract $290
(To Sign Up For Auto-Renew, Please Come In Or Call!)


In an effort to create a more seamless experience for our community, as well as allow for more direct communication with each class population, there will be some changes starting Sept 1st. Please pre-register for all classes. All those who pre-register WILL be able to apply your class passes. (Even if you sign up a minute before the class start and register in the parking lot before walking in, it counts!) Any un-registered participants will be charged the current drop-in price. There will be no exceptions. (Again, we are happy to help people download the app on their phone and help get you comfortable with the process over the next couple months! Please ask!) We need to be able to communicate with registered participants like, in the case of cancellation due to weather, change of instructor, illness, and unforeseen circumstances. We recommend signing up the night before for morning classes or at least 2 hours before the start of a class.

Drop In $20
10-Class Pass $160
(Expires 3 Months From Sale Date) (Sign Up For Auto Renew & Save $5 Every Pass)
20-Class Pass $300
(Expires 6 Months From Sale Date) (Sign Up For Auto Renew & Save $10 Every Pass)
Commit To Fit-24
This is a NEW monthly option great for those seeking access and accountability.
(Expires After One Month -AutoRenew Recommended)


Taking classes at our studio creates your MindBody account. The email you provided to us is your username. When you first registered either in person at the studio or online, you should have received an email confirming your account. If you do not recall receiving this email, It’s Okay! There are several ways to get access and confirm your account.


Can’t remember the email gave us or you no longer have access to that email account. Please contact us!

When logging in either on the app or website, it says that they don’t recognize your email. Please email or call us! We can activate your login on our side.

If you can login to the app but are NOT seeing your passes on your account - Click PROFILE>SETTINGS>RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL.