Our Offerings

LifeWorks Studio proudly offers one-on-one private sessions of all varieties. Private and semi-private sessions give you the benefit of privacy, individualized attention, and fitting your practice and training on your schedule. Private sessions are also recommended for those hesitant to try group classes. They can help you gain confidence and an awareness of your body to more safely integrate into the group classes at more modified speed.

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Private Yoga

For individuals or small groups, for beginners or experienced yogis, to develop, grow, transform, and fine-tune their practice or develop a personal practice. 


Yoga Therapy

For help with injuries, chronic pain, neuromuscular issues, scoliosis, ostearthritis, structural and postural issues, bouncing back after childbirth and more. Targeted work on strength, flexibility, and balance.

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Yoga Coaching & Training

For yoga practitioners, teachers, and enthusiasts, a chance to fine-tune your skills. Those looking for Yoga Teacher Training, please inquire!

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Specifically designed for core strengthening, creates long, lean, and toned muscles. Mat and pilates reformer machine work offered. 


Personal Training

Interested in building strength, tracking your progress, and increasing your cardio/aerobic capabilities? This option is for you! Get personal, one-on-one attention for hour long sessions with Lanna, our in-house Personal Trainer or plan a weekly or bi-weekly group session with your closest friends! 

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A chance to take a look at your own postural habits and assess, realign, and support a more optimal posture.