Community Acupuncture

Wednesdays 3-6PM

Community Acupuncture is an individualized acupuncture treatment in a group setting. The group setting allows for the sliding scale fee which allows for more frequent visits and more vibrant health.

Receiving acupuncture once a week can greatly enhance the quality of our physical, emotional, and mental well being by decreasing pain and stress and increasing creativity and health. The sliding scale allows people to come in enough to get better, stay better, and get better and better! 

Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can roll up past elbows and knees. Sessions run about an hour. 

During your first appointment, you will fill out some brief paperwork, meet with Sarah and discuss what you are coming in to address, and receive a treatment. Follow up treatments are the same without the paperwork and with a shorter check in. If you need more in depth attention, Sarah is available for longer sessions separately.

Sliding scale is $35-65 with a $15 first time fee.

Buy 10 Sessions For $300

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