Drop In $18
10-Class Pass $150 (one year)*
20-Class Pass $290 (one year)*




LifeWorks Ball

Bounce your way to a stronger, more flexible body while performing Pilates movements on a large stability ball. This whole body workout especially challenges core muscles, leading to better alignment, strength and comfort throughout your body!


Lifeworks Barre

Fitness trifecta of pilates, yoga, and a little bit of Ballet floor barre, this class sculpts and strengthens the body like no other. Students are quickly guided through a variety of sets involving small, repetitive movements to work the entire body. 

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lifeworks Cardio/Flex

This class offers fast moving, beat bopping, cardio-strength option for our LifeWorks community. It is a class where you will move, groove, sweat and work on increasing cardiovascular endurance and total body strength! Mixing it up with full body movements, muscle group isolation, resistance training and more, this class poses challenges to all. *Although it is open to bare feet training, it is recommended you bring in a pair of (non-street) sneakers for class.


Community Class

Donation-based LifeWorks yoga class on select Sundays at 5pm. Come move your body, strengthen, and have some fun! Check website and schedule for weekly happenings!


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Iyengar Yoga

Beginner: This class offers an introduction to the joy of Iyengar yoga, known, among other things, for its attention to correct alignment and careful sequencing of asanas. The class will be a beginner’s (Level I) class, but would also benefit practitioners seeking an introduction to the Iyengar method. 

Intermediate: This is a more advanced, and vigorous, Iyengar class, and will assume at least 12 months’ experience of some form of yoga, not necessarily Iyengar. Inversions – headstand and shoulderstand – will be taught, as will linked sequences of asana (vinyasa). As the class progresses, introductory pranayama will also be taught.

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Parent/Toddler Yoga

Bring your toddler to class and enjoy some yoga while you're at it. Rules are there are no rules so come and have fun! (We encourage any child to participate however,this class does focus on the practice of the parent).


Pilates Mat & Pilates With Props

Mat: This full-body conditioning practice incorporates proper alignment and breathing techniques to strengthen, tone, and stretch the body yielding flexibility, balance, control, and excellent core strength.

Props: Start your weekend strong with a prop-based Pilates class that will playfully strengthen your practice.

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LieWorks Prenatal/Childbirth Yoga

Geared towards women who are pregnant, this yoga class provides relief, strengthening, and a place to come relax with other mothers. Child-friendly space so feel free to bring your other children if you'd like!


LifeWorks Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Every momma needs some good TLC! This yoga class is a great way to get and stay in shape and connect with your body and baby. Each class fosters a community that offers support, friendship, and resources tailored to your individual needs and questions.

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This class presents a challenge to every student while remaining accessible to all levels. Students gain increased strength and flexibility through alignment-based yoga.  

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LifeWorks Yoga/FLOW

New to LifeWorks!

Yoga in motion. Through leverage, balance, and suspension, play we will play with traditional and non-traditional vinyasa and alignment.



Yoga For Everyone (Esp 50+)

A gentle, therapeutic yoga class that focuses on ease of movement, range of motion, and building strength and flexibility. Perfect for beginners and those who have injuries or other limitations. No experience necessary!

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LifeWorks Zumba

High-intensity workout disguised as a dance party! This internationally popular fitness program burns calories by combining dance moves from around the world to catchy music. No dance experience necessary, just the desire to sweat while you party the hour away.

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Friday flow: Yoga to free your hips/Spine & unwind

FridayFlow is a class fit for all levels that will guide you through a dynamic and rhythmic flow of mindful movement. This breath centered yoga flow has a focus on freeing the hips and spine while increasing strength and flexibility. Come move to the beats and rhythms of the music in this heat building practice.

*10 & 20 class passes can be reactivated after one year by paying the difference in what was paid and the current rate.