Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way

When I get overwhelmed, which is so often, I try to remember to start with what I know.

I know that is only me in my way. Sure there are all the logistical complications of three kids, an existing business, and all the basic needs that must be met, but really that’s not what keeps me here – in this limited place where it so often feels like I am sitting on my hands or being held back by powerful hidden forces.

How do I know that what stops me from being brave is just me? Because when I want to stay up to watch another TV show, I do it. When I want to stop for ice cream, I do it. When it’s important for me to show up for someone’s pain, birth, or just questions, I make sure I’m there. And I know that this is for me but it’s so much easier to frame it as the small stuff or as something done for someone else.

So why not for me, my best self, my creative potential?

The easy answer is that it’s hard. And it’s especially hard to do it alone. That’s why I sit here in a café across from someone else struggling to get out of their own way – and together we are stronger, more focused, more determined, less afraid to go to that risky place of creative thought, that place of growth, the sense of possibility, the place of change.

But sometimes it hurts…

That’s why “The Artist’s Way”.

For me in my life, this practice has become like a friend holding space for me to struggle and choose to make the harder choices. It taught me how to show up for myself and has helped me to become more accountable for my needs.

Are you curious about what it would be like to show up in your own corner? What is possible if you simply step aside, fill the page, clear the way towards what really matters, your best self, life’s work.

Join me in my online course offering of, Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way.

Course Duration: July 24th - October 16th
Time: 8-9PM
Cost: $350
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